2C COLOR & CONSULTING Company has been created in January 2008, armed with the history of MICA Company created in 1985 and 3C Company created in 1992.
2C activities are Consulting and Training, Assistance to the implementation of Colour specific solutions, Colorimetry and Color appearance.

Present on the French market through its main leader, Alain CHRISMENT since March 1982, 2C COLOR & CONSULTING has more than 30 years of Colour knowledge and with its exclusive consultants, of an experience without equivalent in the colour and Colorimetry trade.

An Exceptional expertise has been acquired from the largest worldwide companies of colour measurement, colour management and colour matching : Hunterlab (USA), Applied Color System ACS (USA), Instrumental Colour System ICS (UK), Datacolor (USA & CH), Scandinavian Colour Institute NCS (S).

2C Color & Consulting