2C is a French company lacated in Brunoy (F91800), near Paris.

2C Color & Consulting has been created in January 2008, armed with the history of 3C S.A. Company created in 1992 and MICA S.A. created in 1985.

2C activities are the consulting, the training and the technical assistance for specific solutions referring to color, colorimetry and color appearance.

Active on the French and the European markets with its main actor, Alain Chrisment since March 1982, 2C Color & Consulting knows and experiments the fields of color, colorimetry and color appearance since more than 30 years.

Alain Chrisment is the founder of the first training course in France referring to color and colorimetry in February 1983.

At today, 125 inter-company training courses have been made for 2215 participants and 1720 companies or organizations.

2C Color & Consulting is the only French company dedicated to the consulting in color and colorimetry which has realized during the last years more than the equivalent of 500 days of mission in companies referring to the consulting, audit and assistance in the setting up of color management systems for the laboratory, the research and development, the production.

Alain Chrisment is the author of several books and pedagogical tools on color and colorimetry, especially a CD “Color by the Numbers” and a book “Color & Colorimetry” which have been edited and distributed with more than 60 000 unities in 5 languages all over the world.

Alain Chrisment is active in several engineer schools and universities in France and gives general trainings of color and colorimetry.

2C Color & Consulting