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With his team of engineers and consultants recognized, 2C COLOR & CONSULTING meets the expectations of its customers and prospects for the communication needs of total the color management.

2C Company, as the publisher and Alain CHRISMENT as author have realized numerous books and pedagogical tools which repensent a reference for Colour and Colorimetry.

At today, more than of 72,000 units of books, pedagogical tools and CD have been sold in France and in a World. The CDROM « Color by the Numbers », in five languages has been sold to 20.500 units in the World as well as of 44,000 units in five languages of the book «Color & Colorimetry ».

Published in 2010, the book COLOR & COLORIMETRY with his EXERCISES BOOK in French and English Version. 2C COLOR & CONSULTING recommands tools to identify, harmonize, observe, analyze and communicate the colour.

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