Through its experts, 2C Color & Consulting participates in the General training of colour and Colorimetry in the main schools and scientific organizations of the colour industries.

Regular interventions have been and are realized at:

  • ITECH, Ecole d’ingénieurs de Lyon (paints, plastics, inks and consmetics)
  • ECOLE SUPERIEURE DE CHIMIE de Lille (for chemical formulation)
  • ECOLE DE BIOLOGIE INDUSTRIELLE de Cergy Pontoise (industrial biology)
  • ESTIT et ENSAIT, Ecoles d’ingénieurs de l’industrie textile à Lille (for Textile industy)
  • ENSBANA Ecole nationale supérieure des industries agroalimentaires de Dijon (food-processing industry)
  • INH Institut national d’Horticulture à Angers (horticulture)
  • LYCEE TECHNIQUE DE L’ESCAULT à Valenciennes (for paint techicians)
  • LYCEE DIDEROT à Lyon (for Textile applications)
  • CNAM de Paris (for the desing of new products, colour and material)
  • INSTITUT SUPERIEUR D’OPTIQUE à Orsay (for optical and colorimetry)
  • CCIP à Orly (for the techicians of plastic material)
  • CTP et EFP à Grenoble (for paper industry)
  • UNIVERSITE de POITIERS (for the digital process of the colour image)
  • UNIVERSITE de STRASBOURG (for the creation and design colour)

Alain CHRISMENT is author of more than 250 articles and scientific publications on colour, colorimetry and colour appearance.
He was also the speaker of more 420 events or public interventions on the colour and Colorimetry in main schools, universities, exhibitions and scientific events of the colour industries.

2C Color & Consulting